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RC Creative Jumping Angel Clay and Rubber Art

Welcome to the Rc Clay web site. We are an Indonesian distributor for Jumping Clay products and producers for Rubber Art, Sand Art, T-shirt Painting, Canvas Painting and other activities products for children.

Our office in Kemayoran area, with some displays and training of Jumping Clay. We also have counters in Major Mall such as METRO Taman Anggrek Mall, METRO Plaza Senayan, METRO Pondok Indah,  Clubhouse Springhill  Residence Kemayoran, Circuz Taman Anggrek Mall,  Circuz Pondok Indah Mall II dan Circuz Summarecon Mall dan Toys Kingdom Grand Indonesia

What is Jumping Clay?

Jumping Clay is a kind of polymer clay, made from non-toxic materials, which can be formed because its flexibilities and it will be harden within 24 hours at room temperature.

Jumping Clay is a special clay creations made as materials for children and adults to create various forms of artwork. As a material crafts, Jumping Clay is suitable for improving Emotion Quotient, improve creativity, and imagination.

The advantage of Jumping Clay is:

  1. Jumping Clay is very light and soft, especially after a dry, like a cork. If it is formed into a ball, then it can be bounce like a ball.
  2. Jumping Clay is not sticky to hands. If the newly opened from the sachet, it will be a little bit sticky, but we can immediately clean up of our hands, without water (the magic is not it?), It is very easy to set up anything.
  3. Jumping Clay dries without cracking. 
  4. Jumping Clay is very bright colors and can be mixed to produce various colors. No need to use the paint again.
  5. Jumping Clay is very soft hands and is suitable for children because it is not toxic (non-toxic)

Jumping Clay creations:

* Character
* Toys
* Dolls
* Jumping Ball
* 3D Modeling
* Design alphanumeric / letters / numbers
* Handstamp
* Landscape architecture

Some of the ideas in the form of images Jumping Clay.

Learning Jumping Clay:

1. Creating basic shapes
2. Jumping Clay Mixing colors to produce other colors.
3. Make a flower blooming in the pot, as a memo holder
4. Making pork with spring.
5. Create angel dolls as a gift
6. Make helicopter
7. Make a teddy bear phone strap.

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